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  • 20.06.2022
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Sør-Odal municipality marked the 100th anniversary throughout 2022 - locally, regionally and nationally. Among other things, there was two anniversary exhibitions, one at Tveter's home town Skarnes, and one at the Forest Museum in Elverum, in addition to exhibitions and events organized by other actors.

    Kåre Tveter (b. 25.01.1922 - d. 21.03.2012) was from Skarnes in Sør-Odal. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts under professors Per Krogh and Alexander Schultz.

    Kåre Tveter 100 år uten Farve
    Ved kornmotid galleri lyshuset
    Kåre Tveter/Galleri Lyshuset

    Life and work

    Kåre Tveter's breakthrough came with an exhibition in 1965, and he quickly became one of Norway's most renowned painters. Kåre Tveter was well into adulthood when he made his debut as an artist. Before he decided to become a full-time artist, Kåre worked first as an accountant in Sør-Odal, then at Landkreditt Bank in Oslo. In 1963 he received a three-year government work grant, which gave him the freedom to concentrate on painting.

    In 2002, he donated 128 of his own works to the Lyshuset Billedsamling Foundation in his home municipality. The Lyshuset Picture Collection Foundation was established on 19 March 2002. Galleri Lyshuset was opened by Queen Sonja in October 2002. Tveter is also represented at the National Museum and Galleri Svalbard.

    The owner of the jubilee is Tveter's home municipality of Sør-Odal, which is collaborating on the project with Odal Sparebank, Innlandet County Council and the State Governor of Innlandet, among others. The anniversary project consists of a broadly composed main committee and an operational working group.

    The main objective of the 100-year celebration in 2022 is that even more Norwegians, especially younger generations, will get to know Kåre Tveter, both as an artist and as a person. We want to create national and regional awareness of the artist, and create lasting knowledge and knowledge

    Source: Tor Cederkvist - "The land that is not. Kåre Tveter - the man and the pictures"

    Tveter's exhibitions

    Tveter held his first solo exhibition in 1959. Since then he has held exhibitions in1988 Galleri Saga, London, England1988 The JMF Visitor Centre, Washington, USA1988 The American Scandinavian Society of New York, USA1989 Grenen Museum, Denmark1992 Hafnaborg, Iceland1993 Nordens Hus, Faroe Islands. Kåre Tveter has also participated in major group exhibitions in Poland, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, China, Switzerland and Spain.

    Kåre Tveter is represented in:

    The Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo

    The National Museum, Oslo

    Norwegian Arts Council, Oslo

    Bergen Picture Gallery

    Lillehammer City's Painting Collection

    Stavanger Permanent Gallery

    Hennie Onstad Art Centre

    Stockholm City Collections

    Epcot Center, Florida, USA

    Grenen Museum, Denmark

    In 1995, the Norwegian Parliament donated 40 works to the Kåre Tveter Collection Foundation in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. These pictures have found their permanent place in Galleri Svalbard.

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