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Who is Visit Kongsvingerregionen?

So nice that you want to read more about us! Visit Kongsvinger region is the destination company for the municipalities of Kongsvinger, Eidskog, Nord-Odal and Åsnes and Grue. The municipalities own and finance the company.

“ We wish to create a desire to travel to Norway's green heart ”

Visit Kongsvingerregion has the main responsibility for realising the region's destination strategy in close cooperation with the region's municipalities and businesses. The strategy is a guiding principle for tourism initiatives throughout the region.

Goals and strategy

Our most important tasks are to conduct marketing that creates a desire to travel for everyone, highlight the cooperation with tourism players and increase travel activity to the region.

Networking – connecting tourism actors
Business development – smart collaboration
Marketing – increased visibility in the market
If you want to, you can read more about our strategy here.

The green heart of Norway 💚

Genuine. Adventurous. Natural. Green.

Your natural holiday paradise.

Beautiful, lush agricultural villages. Endless, thundering forest landscapes. Idyllic lakes and exciting rivers. The Kongsvinger region is Norway's green heart! Here lies Finnskogen, the mythical and green borderland. Here is Storsjøen, Odalen's own inland archipelago. In the far north you will find Solør with elongated cornfields and fantastic treetop cabins. In Eidskog, nature-inspired glass art is made at Magnor. This is Hans Børli, the poet of the forest, his own home region. Not to mention Kongsvinger, with the fortress and the old town Øvrebyen. Here the artist Erik Werenskiold grew up in the late 1800s. In the idyllic quarters of Øvrebyen, cultural history meets hip cafes, unique museums and one of Norway's most romantic hotels.

How about taking a trip to Norway's green heart and letting it become your holiday paradise? Here you will find unique nature experiences, great and different accommodations and many exciting activities you can fill your holiday in Norway with.

Here there is plenty of space to have nice experiences together, in a generous nature with plenty of room for many.

We welcome you to us with open arms and warm hearts, and hope we will give you experiences for life!

The board

  • Chairboard Arne Udnesseter
  • Chairboard members Kjersti Wangen, Erik Nilsen, Veslemøy Tveter Alm, Stine Sannerud, Knut Egil Bekkevold
  • Chairboard observateurs Kari Heggelund (Åsnes) and Eli Wathne (Kongsvinger)
  • Accountant Odal Regnskapskontor
  • Manager Ane Ingeborg Sandnæs

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