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What does it mean to have a membership in the organization Visit Kongsvingerregion?

  • A membership, in addition to marketing, offers:
  • Visibility in Visit Kongsvingerregion's marketing channels through campaigns (website and social media).
  • A common network with tourism-related businesses who promote each other and work together for mutual gain.
  • Courses and seminars aimed at raising the competence of business companies, facilitated by Visit Kongsvingerregion.
  • Membership meetings at least twice a year.
  • Access to relevant networks and brainstorming sessions.
  • A membership organization in your back which works for your company.

  • Visit Kongsvingerregion will inspire visitors! We do this by disseminating knowledge about and thereby creating knowledge of the region in the markets and segments that provide the greatest value creation for the region.

We in Visit Kongsvingerregion will be a generous and knowledgeable host who proudly recommends tourisme companies in the region, and who aim to give guests good experiences of high quality.

Visit Kongsvingerregion will ensure visibility on Visit Norway's international pages.

“ Contact us if you want a membership in Visit Kongsvingerregion! ”


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