On 26 March 1961, Mattila was inaugurated as a tourist resort with a ski lodge, making it the oldest tourist resort in Northern Värmland. Mattila is located in the centre of Finnskogen, about 6 miles northwest of Torsby, near the border with Norway and Lake Røgden. The farm dates back to the mid-17th century where the stories still live on today. Today it is a Finn farm with a smokehouse (the only smokehouse stove in the world that is regularly lit) and an outdoor and accommodation facility. In Mattila there are about 40 cabins, most of which can be rented. There is a restaurant, meeting rooms, a ski stadium, the start of several hiking and cycling trails, an active Finnish farm with a traditional smokehouse and much more.Read more on Mattila's website- Cabins - Restaurant

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Mattila, 68597 Östmark, Sverige

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Finnskogen is an area that was settled in the 17th century by people from Finland, at the request of the Swedish king. The Finnskogen area is the "borderless part" (Sweden-Norway) of the coniferous forest belt and extends 14 miles north/south and 7 miles east/west from Arvika municipality to Trysil in Norway.

The life and customs of the Finns have characterised the culture ever since, which is most clearly expressed in the names of places and buildings. But a closer look reveals that the buildings are also characterised by Finnish building traditions. The main rooms in the house are the Swedes' parlour and the smoking room. In the yard around the house are a sauna, forge, brewhouse, barn, cowshed and stables. Sweating and growing rye in the ashes after sweating were important, as were hunting, fishing and berry picking.

Nature and culture

The landscape is hilly with coniferous forests and many lakes and streams. Miles of green forests, high hills and deep valleys, fresh lakes and streams, berry-rich wetlands, and lush meadows (often adjacent to ancient finned settlements) characterise the nature around Mattila. The volcanic rock hyperite makes the groundwater and soil alkaline, which favours vegetation. There is a wealth of wildlife that may not be directly associated with latitude, including the "big four".

The Finn farms were built from the late 16th century by the forest Finns. In the neighbourhood of Mattila, in addition to Mattila Finn Farm, there are several other Finn farms such as Juhola, Joppola, Abborrtjärnsberg, Purala and Fjolperstorp.

Cross-country skiing

Up to 17 kilometres of ski trails

Mattila is known for its well-prepared ski trails. They have many different circular trails, both in easy and rough terrain, which suits the whole family. It's the perfect place to recharge for the Vasaloppet or just enjoy nature and replenish energy for body and soul.

Mattila has an extensive trail system that extends all the way into Norway, to Løvhaugen and Rotbergsjøen. They invest heavily in having well-groomed cross-country skiing trails, both classic and freestyle, and have at most 17 kilometres of groomed ski trails. The ski trails are groomed with the same machine that was used to groom the ski trails at the World Ski Championships in Falun.

Other experiences

The area is a perfect place for recreation in both summer and winter. In summer you will find a whole range of established hiking trails, easy and more demanding, with signposting and sights along the way. There are many forest roads in the area that are perfect for cycling, several of which also cross into Norway.

Mattila also has its own app where you can pick up information along your trip - the Mattila | Mattila signposting app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

Other services

The restaurant and cabins have fibre and Wifi, and the restaurant has 2 meeting rooms suitable for courses and conferences with room for 20 and 50 participants respectively. The premises are also excellent for festive occasions.

The restaurant has a professional kitchen and can offer most types of food, but with the exception of the Sunday offer of motti and pork in the summer, the restaurant has no fixed opening hours.

Several sports teams have training sessions with us, and we get the best feedback.

There are many great swimming spots in the area, the closest being at Multtjärn, just below Mattila. There are also fishing lakes in the area.

Facilities for everyone

At Mattila there is something for everyone, all year round - for the fit and the more sedate, for families, for young and old, for companies, for sports clubs and other teams/organisations. Mattila is also a great place for retirees / gatherings, with short and longer hiking trails, peace, quiet, and lots of nature and culture.

Especially favourable prices from Sunday to Thursday.

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