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  • 01.08.2023
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In the Kongsvinger region there are many opportunities for a nice hike! There are nice walks on trails and in forests, along beautiful lakes and through a lot of history. These are hikes that are suitable for a short afternoon walk, or longer hiking routes that are recommended to spend several days on. Take a look at the surrounding possibilities of fishing lakes, shelters and restaurants to stop at along the way. Here are some tips for hiking in the green heart of Norway.

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    Mari Finsen
“ Walking is the best medicine for mankind. ”
- Hippokrates

The joy of hiking

The Finnskog Trail
Finnskogleden is a hiking trail that runs between Morokulien on the border between Eidskog and Eda in the south, and Søre Osen in Trysil in the north. It is approximately 240 kilometres long and runs through Finnskogen on both the Norwegian and Swedish sides of the border. Along the 13 stages of the Finnskog Trail, you'll find plenty to keep you busy, including bathing spots, sights, places to eat and places to stay.

Finnskogtoppen SPA and wellness hotel has great views, comfortable rooms and delicious meals on the menu - perfect to combine with hiking.


Queen's View

The Queen's View (Sæterberget) is named after Queen Sofia, the wife of King Oscar II. It is said that she travelled here to look at the view towards her native Sweden. The viewpoint is 412 metres above sea level and offers panoramic views of Møkeren, Søndre Hærsjøen, Austmarka and the vast expanse of forest into Sweden.

The terrain is varied and there are three alternative routes to the top. The most fun is with rope climbing, and children love this way up. The area is well marked, and there are shelters, benches and toilets available.


6-torpsrunden in Rålia Kongsvinger
Start at the parking lot at the end of Bæreiavegen. The tour goes through varied terrain and, as the name says, passes six crofts. The hike starts with a slightly steep climb up to Stømnervangen. The hike lasts approx. 3-4 hours, length 7 km.

7- torpsrunden

7-torprunden is the name of an 8.2-km round trip on the Norwegian side in Varaldskogen in Kongsvinger municipality, and on the Swedish side in Torsby municipality - Lekvattnet. As the name suggests, the tour takes you past seven crofts with forest Finnish origins. Here you will find everything from Valli, where only the ruins remain, to Ritamäki, which is perhaps the best preserved forest Finnish croft in the entire Finnskogen. The route is mostly along well-trodden forest paths.


Fjølungsteinen is located northwest of Sæter, north of Trætbråtan, northeast of Bogerfløita, southeast of Aksalmyrene. Duration of the hike approx. 3 hours, length 7.5 km. This is an easy walk.

After a long day's journey, it's good to lie down in comfortable beds and have a good meal, for example at the adventurous Festningen Hotel and Resort at Kongsvinger Fortress.

Find more great accommodation options throughout the Kongsvinger region here:


Maliskjaera finnskogen Torkel Skoglund
Torkel Skoglund
Etappe10 Finnskogleden

Holmsjøen round:
The trip is somewhat on road, but mostly on paths, passing Trandemsætra and Trandumsvangen and a trip to Sweden. Duration 3-4 hours, length 7-8 km.

Seterrunden Fjell:

The trail goes as a round trip starting from Fjell School, with great views over Storsjøen. The trail enters Granbergrunden, which is partly a tractor road. Parts of the trail were once used as a school road.


This is one of three crofters' rounds starting from the car park at Odals Verk. Along the way you will pass many former homesteads, a couple of which were abandoned over 100 years ago. About half of the walk is on a gravel road, while the rest is a path.
From the car park, turn left and follow Sundbysetervegen past Fløyta. Just after the disused sawmill, turn right and cross Vallsjøåa. There the trail turns left and goes through small hilly terrain until it rises steeply up to the field at Brattbakken. Then you pass the places Nordre and Søndre Bogstad. Soon you reach a forest road, which is followed 70 metres to the right, before a path turns left and leads you up to Tjernsmo. From Tjernsmo, follow the road in the direction of Svarttjernet square. Just before Plassen, turn right and follow the forest road down the hillside to Jonsrud. This was one of the largest homesteads under Odals Verk. From here you continue straight down past Lykkjen, Monsrud and Rismyr until you are at Verket again.


Kjerkevegen, called Finnvegen in Sander, was used in ancient times to and from Strøm church. The suggested route starts at the old smithy 200 metres above the railway crossing on Sander. After 1km you reach the farm Søndre Berger. The road continues on a steady incline up to the homestead Vålbråten (inhabited until the 1960s) 4 km from Sander. Here is a shelter and fire pit set up by Utmarkslaget. Further on there is a good path in small hilly terrain past the homestead Øvre Dalslia and up to Grasåsen 380 m above sea level. This is the highest point of the hike, with views of both Nes and Kongsvinger. After about 1 km you pass the DNT cabin Bergersetra.

After just under 10 km from Sander you come to the forest place Grønlien. The house has recently been restored and can be rented by Utmarkslaget. Grønlien is a natural stopping point in both summer and winter. Here is the ski cabin of Sander Idrettslag, with a nice view of Grønsjøen. The trail continues south towards Skårillen, which is the best trout lake in the area. On the west side of Skårillen you cross Skårilldammen, which regulates the flow of water to Sæteråa, which flows into Glomma. Just after this, you pass Skårervangen and Gubbeskallen, before the trail descends in gently sloping terrain to Vestgarden in Finholt.https://ut.no/turforslag/1112154557/kjerkevegen

The hike is a 5.1 km round trip that takes about 1.5 hours to walk. There are two paths up to the top, Grenzgata and a path up through the forest. The path up Grenzgata is very steep at times. At the top you will find riksrøys 94, this marks the border with Sweden and is also Åsnes municipality's highest point at 634moh.

The hike is 2.8 km long and is marked. Vannverksrunden, also called the exercise trail, runs from Lindtjernet. The trail starts at the gate to the right of the parking lot and runs mainly along a path, but also some along a cart track and gravel road. On the route you will meet "birch men" who occasionally change their outfits and get new shoes. In the early morning or in the evenings you may be lucky to see both deer and elk.

Tjurastien is a great walk along Tjuraåa river that gives an insight into the industry and life along the river dating back to the 15th century. Tjurastien has many cultural monuments. The trail is about 4 km one way, it starts at Gardsjøen nature reserve and ends at Tørmoen (Tjura Skytterhus). Parking at Tjuratorget and/or at Tørmoen. There are information signs along the trail that tell a little about the mills, sawmills and power plants that once provided many jobs. There are stools along the trail, where you can enjoy the silence along the river or be thrilled by the rapids.

Photo: ut.no

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