Finnskogen Guideservice

Christer Nilsson and Kjell Magne Nordvi have for 60 years been high and low and everywhere on Finnskogen, both on the Norwegian and Swedish sides. They often guide groups, families and companies to exciting places where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred in a magical and beautiful nature.

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Vellingrovegen 256, 2264 Grinder

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Finnskogen Guideservice


Finnskogen is a large contiguous forest area that stretches along both sides of the national border between Solør in Norway and Värmland in Sweden. Eidskog Finnskog, Vinger Finnskog, Brandval Finnskog, Grue Finnskog, Hof Finnskog, Åsnes Finnskog and Våler Finnskog are used for parts of the area in accordance with previous municipal boundaries. The area is sparsely populated. Svullrya in Grue municipality forms a kind of unofficial center for the Norwegian part of Finnskogen.

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