Experience Storsjøen - the great lake of Odalen

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  • 27.05.2021
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Between the municipalities of Sør- and Nord-Odal, in the Glomma river basin, lies the wonderful Storsjøen lake. A 42 km² inland pearl with a beautiful shoreline, a rich wildlife and great opportunities for swimming, canoeing, fishing and striking nature experiences..

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    Markus Støle

Lake Storsjøen has always been an important and central part of life in Odalen. Until the beginning of the last century, before the road network around Storsjøen was developed, the ferries Odølingen and MS Storsjø were crucial for travel and shipping between Skarnes and Nord-Odal. Today, adventurous canoeists and bobbing leisure boats are responsible for boat traffic, and Storsjøen is an attractive destination for both young and old all year round.

Below we have picked out four good tips for activities and experiences for the whole family.

Stay at Milepelen Hotel & Inn

Milepelen Hotel & Inn is located along the north-western shore of Lake Storsjøen and is one of Nord-Odal's most attractive meeting points. Here you can stay in cosy and natural surroundings with a view of Lake Storsjøen. Milepelen also offers canoe and bicycle rental with guided tours, and the restaurant serves traditional local food with good, local ingredients.

Cruise on Lake Storsjøen by "Varpen" - an historic tractor boat

Experience Storsjøen from the historic tractor boat VB54. The boat was originally used for timber floating on Lake Storsjøen, but has in recent years been restored by Mo båtforening. Today it is used for sightseeing around the beautiful Storsjøen with opportunities to hop on and off along the way. The boat runs during the summer months. On the trip you will receive a tasty packed lunch from Ebba's Matgleder. They offer local food culture with locally sourced ingredients from local producers. Every Friday and Saturday they also serve freshly baked bread from their own stone oven, worth the trip alone!

V Arpen Storsjøen
Ebbas Matglder

Go fishing!

Are you looking for a good fishing experience? Odal fritid og turistservice offers guided fishing trips in and around Storsjøen, as well as good advice and guidance if you want to explore the fishing opportunities on your own. Here you will find tailor-made fishing experiences for both young and old, regardless of experience and level of ambition.

Experience the lake from a canoe

Whether you're going camping, on a short day trip, out fishing or just discovering the lake's many islands and islets, Storsjøen is perfect for adventurous canoeists - young and old. Odal Kano og fritid offers affordable canoe rentals and gives you good advice and tips for great canoe trips, regardless of your level of ambition. Here you can also rent SUPs, hammocks and ready-made wooden tents. Enjoy your trip!

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