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  • 09.07.2020
Skarstad Gartneri K Ongsvinger

Are you going on holiday in the Kongsvinger region, or maybe you're just passing through? Then you have many exciting food experiences in store, whether you want to enjoy a better meal in historic surroundings, stop by Norway's best roadside restaurant, or experience local flavours..

  • Written by:
    Markus Støle
  • Photos taken by:
    Skarstad Gartneri

Sanngrund Camping & Cafe
On the road? Don't miss one of Norway's best roadside restaurants, Sanngrund Servering. Whether Sanngrund is your destination, or on the road from Oslo to Kongsvinger, this gem of a roadside restaurant is worth a visit. Here they have been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for 40 years, with the beautiful Glomma river as a backdrop. Perfect for hungry drivers and foodies alike. Sanngrund can be found here.

Opaker farm

How about delicious, locally sourced flavours in a rustic setting? At Opaker Farm in Kirkenær, the focus is on sustainability, ecology and local produce, and they are known for their kitchen, which serves, among other things, self-produced, slow-braised beef from grass-fed Hereford and Angus. The farm also offers accommodation for the whole family. A great destination for food and nature lovers. Opaker farm can be found here.

Skaslien Guesthouse
Skaslien Gjestgiveri has been serving traditional and new dishes to guests seeking the taste of Hedmark since 1952. The award-winning kitchen works with a number of local producers and serves, among other things, elk and game meat from Finnskogen, local organic free-range pork, local Norwegian country wine and fresh vegetables from Grinder Gårds vegetable garden. Skaslien Gjestgiveri also offers accommodation, and has outdoor seating in a beautiful garden. Skaslien Gjestgiveri can be found here.

Kafe Bohem
Opaker Gård

The Castle Hotel in Kongsvinger
In the old town of Kongsvinger, Øvrebyen, up at Kongsvinger Festning, you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in historic and venerable premises. The fortress has been refurbished and decorated with care for the history that lies within its walls, and today offers seasonal menus made with local ingredients, paired with wine from the fortress' own wine cellar. Follow in the footsteps of the royal line, from Harald V to Fredrik II, and enjoy a better meal at the historic fortress. Kongsvinger Fortress can be found here.

Schøyens Grill & Bar

In the centre of Kongsvinger at the newly established Haugekvartalet, this cool restaurant serves tasty dishes in warm and pleasant surroundings. Schøyens Grill & Bar can be found here: Schøyens Grill & Bar


Castrum Spiseri is located right by the train station in Kongsvinger and has been named Best Restaurant 2019 by Restaurant Guru. Here you can enjoy classic grill, pizza and pasta dishes in the traditional Castrum Gården. The kitchen is run by Värmland's best pizza maker and is a perfect place to gather a group of friends or family. Castrum Spiseri can be found here.

Ingelsrud konditori 3
Ingelsrud konditori 2

Café Bohem
Café Bohem serves pizza and light meals in the idyllic old town, surrounded by charming and historic wooden houses. It has a classic sidewalk café atmosphere - the perfect place for lunch with a drink. The café also serves delicious baked goods fresh from its own bakery, Bakeri Bohem. You can find Café Bohem here.

Ingelsrud Konditori

If you are visiting Magnor, don't miss Ingelsrud Konditori. Here you will find a world of exciting pastries, cakes and other goodies made by dedicated confectioners with great love for the profession. Here you can also buy locally made honey. Ingelsrud Konditori can be found here.

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