"Eventyrfestningen" - The Fairytale Castle - 29th of June - 6th of July 2023!

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2022 Eventyrfestningen
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Sunniva de Alfaro Eventyrfestningen 2022
Sunniva de Alfaro Eventyrfestningen

"Colonel Krebs and the Hunt for the Fortress Sword" will be performed outdoors at Kongsvinger Fortress in the summer of 2023

Tickets on sale now!

Over 5000 people have seen the family musical "Colonel Krebs and the Hunt for the Fortress Sword" at Kongsvinger Fortress. Now you have another chance to catch the hit show in the summer of 2023!

Imagine if there was a sword, a magical fortress sword, that made whoever owned it the boss of everyone at Kongsvinger Fortress!

The year is 1814. Ish. Colonel Krebs is the boss of the fortress, and someone everyone loves and looks up to. Except for the creepy lady Siv, who is tired of having to lurk in the shadows and slave for Krebs. And if the prophecy is true, she could soon get her hands on the fortress sword and take over the whole fortress!

Klara the kitchen girl would also like to have a fortress sword. Then she could make it possible for girls to be soldiers too, and go out into the world and fight! But when she learns of Siv's evil plans, it is suddenly up to her, with the help of Vegard, Peggy and Corporal Knut, to save the fortress from the evil that lurks!

"Colonel Krebs and the hunt for the fortress sword" is a magnificent outdoor evening performance at Kongsvinger Fortress, packed with music, dance, humour, magic and warmth. The show is suitable for the whole family, from 5 years and up.

"Colonel Krebs and the Hunt for the Fortress Sword" will be performed at Kongsvinger Fortress 29th of June - 6th of July 2023.

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