Grensen Experience

On the national border with Sweden is Grensen Experience, an adventure house with a view of the beautiful Lake Røgden, with its tiny tree-covered islands. Here there are good fishing opportunities, surrounded by mythical forests with Norway's largest populations of wolves, bears and moose.

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Røgdestranda 859

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Foto: grensenexperience.com


Finnskogen's deep forests give you miles upon miles of unspoiled nature and the opportunity to take a deep breath. Here you experience both wilderness and well-being in the immediate vicinity.

With us, you get a mix of experiences, challenges, coping, socializing and a large dose of good mood.

Grensen Experience is located on county road 201 by the large and beautiful lake Røgden. The building is located just 4 meters from the national border with Sweden and likewise next to Finnskogleden, a 23 kilometer long network of hiking trails with many cultural monuments from Finn immigration and simple cabins for accommodation.

The nearest village is Svullrya, a small but active local community that often organizes concerts, exhibitions, markets, festivals and other happenings - such as rallies with ice kicks! There are several cultural institutions that convey the uniqueness and origin of the particular Finn culture. Mysticism has a special place in this culture.

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