A cultural journey in borderland

Experience the mystique of Finnskogen, bohemian life in old Kongsvinger, Hans Børli's childhood home, unique food culture interspersed with history, music and humor in a luxurious and fun bus journey you have never experienced before. "Cultural journey in borderland" is an adventure package with three overnight stays gastronomic experiences, artistic performances and guidings.

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Kongsvinger festning

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Foto: ovlien.no


The small stages-festival from the 2th to 5th of February 2023 in Kongsvinger offer a number of exciting concerts, book baths, theatre and RAP workshop.

At the intersection of culture, history and gastronomy, they create unique experiences from the Kongsvinger region. Kongsvinger's long military history related to the fortress and the camp, the mystique of Finnskogen and not least the many artists who come from the deep forests along the border with Sweden.

Their experience springs from the world of culture. It's about telling a good story, taking yourself to a place or time where you can experience the region at its best and most authentic. They put together experiences for everything from history teams and the pensioners' association to companies or groups of friends. Together with their many partners, they offer unique accommodation, gastronomic experiences and a large selection of historical and cultural experiences with professional and entertaining guides.

Just get in touch and they will help you put together a package according to your wishes!

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