Opplev Kynna - canoeing in Finnskogen!

Kynna is a watercourse at Finnskogen ideal for canoeing and kayaking trips. The area has several signposted cycle routes, DNT marked trails, nature reserve, horse riding facilities, fishing opportunities and well-adapted campsites. Here you will also find Gravberget, which offers exciting local history, local food, accommodation and unique church buildings.

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Kynndamsvegen 745, 2283 Åsnes Finnskog

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Kynna is ideal for canoe and kayak paddling trips.

The paddle tour offers oblong lakes and narrow rivers that wind through the forest. Here you get close to nature, especially on the narrow rivers. If you are lucky and quiet, you can experience birds and beavers up close. Kynna is a kind watercourse with almost no rapids. This makes it easy to paddle and ideal for families and those who have not paddled as much.

Kynndammen marks a natural end point for paddling trips on Kynna, but is also an important cultural monument from a bygone era of timber floating. The dam is one of very few of its kind in the country, and has regional and national conservation value. The place is owned by Åsnes kommuneskoger, and is used for various events. There is also a nice campsite with a cottage that is available for rent. If you do not have a canoe yourself, you can rent a canoe that is suitable both for beginners and for those with paddling experience.

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