Vinger Church "Klang under kuppelen" («Sound under the Dome»)

Kongsvinger's beautiful church from the 1600s is located at the foot of Øvrebyen, Kongsvinger's old town. With its characteristic onion dome, it is a favorite and beautiful photo motif. The church is currently used, among other things, for the popular concert series "Sound under the Dome", where both local and national artists perform.

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Vestre Solørveg 2, 2213 Kongsvinger

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The church is It is a white painted wooden choir church from 1697 with an onion dome-shaped bell tower from 1855.

The concert series "Soundunder the dome" is inspired by the church's distinctive onion dome, which is a well-known part of kongsvinger's cityscape. The concert series offers music experiences of high artistic quality, with both well-known and lesser-known performers in the country's top tier. Each season's program includes different genres, with an emphasis on classical music. The outstanding instruments of the Church are used diligently.

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