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  • 01.08.2023
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In the Kongsvinger region, you can have great fishing experiences in adventurous nature. Here you can experience nature up close with its peace and quiet. For a recreational fisherman, the opportunities are many in the Kongsvinger region. We recommend that you visit the websites of the local hunting and fishing associations for up-to-date information. Here you can buy fishing permits (https://www.statskog.no/jakt-og-fiske/innlandsfiske). Below are some tips for nice places or waters in the Kongsvinger region where you can fish.

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    Mari Finsen

If you want to fish in the centre of Kongsvinger, you do not need a fishing licence in Glomma.

Varaldskogen forest

Kongsvinger Hunter and Fishermen's Association has done a lot of work on Varaldskogen. Varaldskogen offers good fishing for trout, perch and pike. Here you can experience Finnskogen at its best and choose between many idyllic lakes and ponds. Good fishing lakes include Abbortjern, Svarttjernet, Holmtjern and Vikeråa. At Varaldskogen you can spend the night in KJFF's huts at Svarttjernet and Holmtjern, there are also several shelters in the area, or you can use the DNT cabin Lebiko as a base. For rental of Aspetjernkoia, contact KJFF. If you want to rent Nordre Borthuskoia, this can be booked at https://www.inatur.no, or by contacting Statskog.


A little north of Kongsvinger is Brandval and here Gjølstadfossen and Nordsfossen are good alternatives.

Tips for accommodation can be found here: https://visit.kongsvingerregio...


Sør-Odal JFF sells fishing permits in Igletjennet. Here it is possible to fish all year round for trout, perch, roach and stock. Trout of varying ages are released every year. In 2016, a floating jetty was installed that is adapted for the disabled. A shelter with a fireplace has been built for use. In Igletjennet, fishing is done with a rod from the shore.


Nord-Odal has many fine fishing lakes and there are great fishing opportunities for everyone. In most watercourses there are also large quantities of perch. Gardviktjennet, Aurtjennet, Eitjennet and Otten are some of the lakes where fish are released. Otherwise, it is common to catch perch and trout in Otten, Vesleotten, Sætersjøen, Lognsjøen and Abbortjennet. Roach and pike also occur, especially in Tjernsjøen and Gjeddevannet. Other fishing lakes are Gardviktjennet, Eitjennet, Hørningen, Nøkktjennet, Jursjøen, Tannsjøen, Aurtjennet and Gåsvatn. Fly fishing in Otten and Lognsjøen from belly boats and kayaks is recommended.


When it comes to guided fishing trips, Odal Fritid & Turistservice will be able to help you with that.

Kongsvinger Jakt og Fiskeforening
Odal Fritid og Turistsenter


Grue JFF has approximately 90,000 hectares of woodland, with more than 25 fishing lakes.

Lake Meitsjøen is a paradise for fishing, swimming and rowing with its many exciting little islands that invite you to come ashore. Mostly it is perch you get in Lake Meitsjøen, but the area has several exciting trout lakes.

In Slumpa and in the neighbouring lakes Mellomtjernet and Langternet, there are boats for hire. Fishing from a boat is good here and there are quite a few fish in the ponds. There are also trout here.

If you fish in Frysjøen you can catch perch, roach, pike and burbot.

Other great fishing lakes in the area are Gjedtjernet, Skasen, Hukusjøen, Namsjøen and Glomma.

Stay comfortably at Skaslien Gjestgiveri and be served delicious dishes based on local produce and history!



Åsnes Finnskog offers a varied range of fishing opportunities. Discover mysterious ponds, fish in the idyllic Flisa river or in easily accessible lakes. The fishing license for Åsnes JFF is valid from Flisaelva (the mouth of Lindåa) to Libergsfossen.

Furthermore, it is valid in all waters south of Lindåa and east of Kynna. In addition, it applies in Kynna from Våler municipal boundary and to the outlet in Flisaelva. Furthermore, the card is also valid in Nyåa. You can, among other things, fish in the still-flowing and species-rich Nedre Flisa. The river boasts very good perch and pike fishing. In the upper parts of the Flisaelva you will find a lot of grayling and trout. The river is described as a perfect place for fly fishing, it is easy to wade and the area is easily accessible by road. There are a dozen or so shelters and fireplaces along the watercourse.

Storabbortjernet has an abundant perch and trout population. Rogsjøen is also suitable for fishing with children, where there is a shelter, barbecue area and a boat available for free use, as well as a campfire site and shelter. The area here is adapted for the disabled with its own fishing pier.

In Lindsjøen you can experience pike fishing at its best surrounded by the mystery of the Finnskog. In Gransjøen, which is right next to the road, you can enjoy superb fishing for perch, while Kampetjernet is just off the road and offers varied fishing for trout, perch and roach.

The excavation pond is nicely situated with a shelter, barbecue area and toilet. Here you have the opportunity to catch trout, roach and pike.

Gjesåssjøen is one of the region's better fishing lakes, at least if you are looking for record-breaking perch or pike.

A fishing trip in Åsnes is a perfect combination with the fantastic PAN Tretopphytter or the historic Negarden 1897, which also serves delicious home-cooked meals and elegant Afternoon Tea on request.


For those who love the outdoors, we would also recommend checking out Experience Kynna. A fishing trip combined with a paddle along the Kynna River is a great experience! Along the river there are several picnic areas, shelters and water sources that make this a great weekend trip.

On the west side of Trysjøen lake in Vestmarka in Eidskog, there is a boat on loan. Just use it and get it ready again for the next person. In the autumn of 2020, about 80 2-3 year olds and 100 one-year-old trout were released into the lake. No fishing license is needed here.


Also check out the mobile app Perfish. Here you can also find free fishing lakes such as Vintertjennet in Eidskog, Norsfossen and fishing permits for Kongsvinger, Åsnes and Sorknesskogen.

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