Winter joy!

  • 19.12.2022
Mona Nordoy

Winter is a great time for activities both indoors and outdoors - perhaps a skiing trip under the starry sky in the moonlight or long visits to a café with hot cocoa and delicious pastries? Whatever you prefer, the possibilities are many and the road to Kongsvinger is short from Oslo - take the train and enjoy the snow-covered landscape along the way and look forward to an eventful stay in the Kongsvinger region.

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    Mona Nordøy
“ For forty big snow winters and forty grey bone winters I have worn this body of mine out in hip-deep snow and thirty bitter degrees cold. When you sit in snow to the crevice and shovel yourself down to the spruce root, you don't see snow-bent birch and sun shining in the frost. And then the spruce falls. Then a torrent of snow pours over you into the hollow of your neck. Now you see nothng beautiful in the snowy landscape. ”
- Hans Børli

It is no secret that our forest poet Hans Børli was not a great fan of winter. Winter can be dark, cold and merciless far into the forest for those who have to work and struggle.

But, for those who spend their holidays and leisure time in the Kongsvinger region, there are many great experiences to enjoy in the winter!

Our deep forests with snow-covered spruce trees and beautiful starry skies invite you to exciting days and hearty fun. Award-winning PAN Treetop cabins are the place for those who want to experience the tranquillity of the forest while stepping into warm and unique accommodation. If you want to go on a wolf safari, horse-drawn sleigh rides or snowshoeing, all this can be combined with a night among the treetops.

Vinter stjernehimmel PAN
PAN Tretopphytter
Finnskogtoppen vinterkaffe
Finnskogtoppen SPA

Inside Finnskogen, Finnskogen SPA and Wellness will also give you a peaceful and warm stay while the winter forest can be explored through, among other things, fine ski slopes right outside the door. Just over the Swedish border is Mattila with over 12 miles of great ski trails. There's nothing like coming in to a warm fireplace and a delicious meal after a refreshing ski tour in a quiet and snowy forest landscape!








Snowshoes are also a popular option for those who prefer a different means of transport in the deep forests!

Enjoy your tour!

Mattila vinter skiloyper
Truger Outdoor F
To Sprelske på truger
Kare tveter bilde 1
Kåre Tveter
Kåre Tveter II
Kåre Tveter

And if there is anyone who has painted many beautiful winter landscapes, it is Kåre Tveter. He would have turned 100 in 2022, and is often called the painter of light. It is primarily the changing light that he sought to capture on canvas.

His beautiful paintings have become highly sought after and he can also be called a poet of the visual arts. After his visit to Svalbard in 1982, his motifs were strongly influenced by the polar lights. Today there is a separate Kåre Tveter Gallery in Longyearbyen. However, the largest collection of his work is located at Skarnes in his home town. Galleri Lyshuset includes 31 oil paintings and 36 watercolours. Today, his works also hang in the National Museum in Oslo, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Norwegian Arts Council, Hennie Onstad Art Centre, Stockholm City Collections, HRH Queen Sonja's Collection and more.

Snøscooter I
Åsnes Finnskog Snøscooterklubb
Negarden 1897 Grace Orbon Emmelot
Negarden 1897 Grace Orbon-Emmelot

Did you know that we have Norway's southernmost snowmobile trail? At Åsnes Finnskog you will find over 5 miles of beautifully groomed snowmobile trails that also take a turn across the border to the Swedish side if you want. Åsnes Snøscooterklubb arranges both snowmobile rental with associated equipment, guides, accommodation at the stately Negarden 1897 or the wonderful Flisa Camping, both of which also offer homemade, good food and a wonderful atmosphere. Book snowmobile rental, trail passes, accommodation, food and other equipment you may need through the travel agent Reiser & Opplevelser.

Winter is also a great time to dedicate art and cultural experiences indoors. At the Women's Museum, the exhibition "The Icebreaker" will transport you to both the Arctic and Antarctic through Monica Kristensen's exploits as both polar expedition leader and researcher. The museum is currently closed but will open during March.

Isbryteren Kongsvinger Museum
IMG 5857
Hjem Land Kongsvinger Museum

Erik Werenskiold (1855-1938) was one of Norway's greatest artists. He grew up at Kongsvinger Fortress as the son of Commander Fredrik Werenskiold and Jensine, née Ebeltoft. Werenskiold's illustrations of Asbjørnsen and Moe's folktales and Snorre's king sagas are as familiar to many as the stories themselves. He found inspiration for many of the characters and motifs in his home region, and it is said that Askeladden himself was from Kongsvinger.

Towards the end of his life, Werenskiold bequeathed 21 pictures to Kongsvinger, which shows his connection to the place and its importance to him. The exhibition HJEMLAND at Kongsvinger Museum takes Werenskiold "home" to Kongsvinger and at the same time shows an exciting period in the history of the town and the country. The museum is ocurrently closed but will open in March.

Kafe Bohem vinter
Kafe Bohem
Kafe Bohem meny desember 22
Kafe Bohem

The cosy Kafe Bohem in Øvrebyen serves tempting lunch dishes and delicious hot and cold drinks in pleasant surroundings.

A winter day in Øvrebyen gives you many nice experiences! A great opportunity to experience this cosy old town also in winter is during the Winter Festival 2-5 February. Here you will meet the author Tom Egeland, watch the renowned Vestanå Theatre from Värmland, listen to beautiful music from pianist Tor Einar Bekken, Hanne Tveter and Levi Henriksen & Henrik Maarud!

And if you are extra adventurous, the annual sledging competition in the streets of Øvrebyen will be held on Sunday 5 February as a fantastic end to a wonderful folk festival in Kongsvinger in February.

Vinterfestival Byen Vår Kongsvinger
Byen Vår
2 soloppgang festningen
Mona Nordøy

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