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  • 15.12.2023
Skarstad mat to sprelsek

Innlandet is Norway's largest agricultural county, and the Kongsvinger region produces vegetables, fruit, berries, meat - both farmed and wild - and much more. The raw materials and processed products represent authentic flavours and recipes that are rooted in the region's history and culture, but also new products and raw materials..

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Local food is often rooted in tradition, and recipes may have been passed down from one generation to another. Food creates identity and bridges the gap between people. Local food is based on ingredients grown or produced locally, which supports local farmers and artisans. Food can bring people together, whether it's through communal meals, festivals or local markets.

Local food production can promote sustainability by reducing the need for long-distance food transport and supporting local ecosystems. By buying and using locally produced food, we all help to preserve our traditions, but also the environment.

Over the past three years, the food network "Finnskogmat" has helped several producers and processors of both traditional dishes from Finnskogen and food grown in Finnskogen today, Read more about "Finnskogmat" here: https://www.finnskogmat.net/

Here you will find a list of some of the exciting local food producers in the Kongsvinger region and in Finnskogen

Merete Furuberg
Finnskogen NaKuHel Gård
Bekkola Gård

Finnskogen Natur Kultur Helse Gård (NaKuHel)
Furubergsvegen 475
2256, Grue Finnskogen
Tlf: +47 90 16 30 92
E-mail: finnskogen.nakuhel@gmail.com

Finnskogen Nature Culture Health Farm is located high up and in the centre of the mysterious Finnskogen forest. Nature, animals, the river and the strong history help to create a unique setting for the activities on the farm. This is an offer for those who want to experience something for body and soul. Finnskogen's nature and distinctive culture! At Finnskogen Nature Culture Health Farm, you can choose how long you want to stay - either in your own apartment or a single room. You can experience the nature around the farm on your own. This is an experience suitable for those who want a few days of peace and quiet. Sometimes it's enough to just sit on a stump at the edge of the forest and listen. For those who want a more active stay, we offer canoeing, horse riding in the forest or on the track, guided tours, skiing and nature experiences. Or you can take part in "good old-fashioned farm work". Depending on the season, you can join in the birth of kittens, lambing, sweat burning, mowing, harvesting berries and fruit and much more.

Løvhaugen 355
2256 Grue Finnskogen
Tlf.: +47 97 03 96 69
E-mail: erlend@bekkola.no

Bekkola is an organic farm located at the top of Løvhaugen in Finnskogen. The farm currently has around 10 cows, 6 calves, a couple of pigs, 40 chickens and three cats. In addition to this, there are four adults and an infant. Bekkola's goal is for all residents and visitors to learn as much as possible about farming, animal husbandry and food production. Sharing knowledge is encouraged, between those who run Bekkola (among themselves). And between other farms. In addition, experts from relevant fields and other farmers are regularly invited to give lectures and share knowledge. Bekkola wants both humans and animals to have as many of their needs met as possible. That's why they focus on animal breeds that are adapted to our environment and climate and that can graze in the summer and be fed on what they harvest on the farm.

Skarstad aug 2879 1 Agurk Anette
Opaker Gard lokal mat

Opaker gård
Opaker 58
2260, Kirkenær
Tlf: +47 62 94 66 50
E-mail: opaker@opaker.no

Opaker Gård is located on a hill near Finnskogen with a great view over Solør where the mighty Glomma river meanders through the landscape, as it has done for thousands of years. The farm is located in the cultural village of Grue, and is a place for recreation in rural and historical surroundings in the centre of the food platter with soil and forest.
The farm was unused from around the 1800s until around 1990. Then the restoration of the building began. Around the same time, the restoration of the old boys' parlour, which is now a residential house, began. Today, they practise sustainability in practice, creating local, genuine and sustainable experiences. Seven generations of the same family have been welcomed to Opaker.

There are long food traditions on the farm linked to the land and the forest. Here we find a rich selection of good ingredients, in addition to the farm's own produced slow-braised beef from grass-fed Hereford and Angus cattle.

For Opaker Gård, sustainable development is about taking care of the resources they manage for future generations.

Grass-fed meat from Opaker Gård is produced in a sustainable way and on nature's terms. When an animal is slaughtered, they focus on utilising all the animal's resources, hence the focus from head to tail.

Skarstad Gartneri & Gårdsmarked

Østre Solørveg 588
2211 Kongsvinger
Tlf: +47 628 26 394
E-mail: post@skarstadgartneri.no

Just outside Kongsvinger is the Skarstad family farm. Here, fresh, crunchy, crisp vegetables are harvested every day in season and the farm market at the farm is filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, cabbage and root crops, carrots and potatoes. In addition to their own vegetables, Skarstad also has flavourful foods from other small-scale producers, many of whom are local. They have eggs from free-range hens, real farm sour cream made from milk from Norwegian cattle and freshly baked bread from the local baker. You can get both untravelled and locally sourced food at Skarstad.

In our cosy farm café, they serve exciting dishes based on their own produce and other local food from the farm market.

Drengen Gårdsysteri
Foto: Glåmdalen
“ Norwegian food and food culture are characterised by the marginal agriculture and harsh climate in Norway. Our raw materials have often been available for short seasons, and often in large quantities. Much of what we eat has traditionally been obtained in the autumn. This is when the grain is harvested, berries are picked, apples are harvested, lambs are brought down from the mountains and potatoes and other vegetables are harvested. This means that we have always needed to preserve raw materials while they are in season and store them through a long, cold winter. ”
- "Nyt Norge"

Drengen Gårdsysteri
Oppivegen 33 Brandval
Tlf. +47 922 68 865

Drengen Gårdsysteri in Brandval offers charming dining experiences. In the summer, sour cream porridge with cured ham is served in the farm's own parlour. There are also waffles with home-made sour cream and local jam, and other goodies. Drengen Gård makes delicious products from its own cow's milk - the sour cream is used to make homemade sour cream porridge in the summer.

Skålbergsætervegen 76,

2134 Austvatn i Nord-Odal

Tlf. +47 62 88 82 90

Skålbergsætra in Nord-Odal is Odalstunet museum farm and Odal's only working farm. In the summer, the farm is run in the old-fashioned way, with dairy cows and the production and sale of farmhouse products. The farm has been restored, and both the buildings and landscape appear as they did when the farm was run here until around 1960.

Max Ivan og Maxine
Tyttebaersaus 1000x1000 Ebbas

Max Ivan As
Vestmarkavegen 187
2230 Skotterud

The company is named after founder Max Ivan Lindkjølen, who is a true Eidskog native.

The business focuses on being a supplier of locally sourced and clean food, serving, catering, cutting down game and organic meat, producing its own food products, organising parties and much more. The company was established at the family's home in Skotterud in the early 2000s, and has developed into an important part of the food industry in Innlandet county.

Kvernenga houses the Kvernstua function room with seating for about 50 people, a catering kitchen for the production of food for catering, food for kindergartens/schools, for companies, for companies that subscribe to lunch and for parties organised in Kvernstua.

There is also an approved cutting department for game meat, organic animals, pork and other carcasses, and a small farm shop selling our own products and "goodies". The rest of the building is a garage for the company's refrigerated lorries, office and storage space for equipment for various events, changing rooms and laundry rooms.

They are committed to offering clean, local produce, and they are particularly proud of their game meat. In addition to returning the meat to the customer after approved packaging and labelling, they also use some of the meat in their own production.

In one corner of the building, space has been made for a cosy little farm shop selling Max Ivan AS's own products and many other "goodies".

Ebbas matgleder Linnea Finnskogen
Engevegen 12

2133 Gardvik
E-mail :post@ebbasmatgleder.no

Ebbas matgleder preserves our important food culture and communicates the good flavours and local ingredients. "Food is one of the things that touches us humans the most. It's deep in our souls.

Linnea Finnskogen has been producing products from berries and wild plants for 15 years. Ebbas Matgleder has taken over the recipes and continues both production and sales. Nature has provided the flavours and Anne at Ebbas Matgleder has taken care of them. Handmade, locally sourced and completely natural syrups, jams, jellies, sauces, oils, vinegars and flavoured salt from Norwegian and Swedish forests create unique flavours and experiences.

The products have a variety of uses. They can be used for marinades, glazing, in sauces and pots, at the end of grilling, for desserts, drinks and garnishes. For example, mulberry syrup is delicious with cheese and wild raspberry syrup is suitable for glazing duck breast. The products are free from additives and preservatives and have a shelf life of at least two years after the production date.

True indulgence can be the most natural thing in the world!

Bugarden epler mm
Skogen kafferosteri


Gamle Knappumsveg 91
2270 Flisa

Tlf. +4790964877


Bugarden is afarm with many different types of animals, a kitchen garden, a greenhouse and approved beverage production. Apples from our own trees in Solør and blueberries from Finnskogen are the main raw materials in production.

There are horses, cows, sheep, goats, mini pigs, rabbits, chickens and other birds, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and turtles. Children, young people and adults can spend time with the animals, feed and care for them, ride horses and participate in farm work and work related to the production of beverages. Ole Albert and Mona welcome kindergartens/schools and organise open farm days a few times during the summer. In addition, they offer work training for people who are unable to work in regular jobs.

Bugarden received a bronze award for sparkling cider Balian at the Nordic International Cider Awards in Bergen in 2023, and are proud members of Hanen.

Bugarden also organises events for adults who want a farm and taste experience with self-produced beverages, in idyllic surroundings in Solør.

Skogen Kafferøsteri

Nuggurn, Brandval, Kongsvinger
Tlf: +47 400 69 119
E-mail: post@skogenkafferoesteri.no


Skogen kafferøsteri is a small coffee roastery run part-time by Astrid Solberg Gundersen and Jon Helge Kristiansen. they started roasting coffee with a desire to make a new contribution to the district in the form of great taste experiences, using carefully selected ingredients.

The production facility is located in beautiful Brandval, and this is where they roast and prepare all the coffee they sell.


- Skarstad Farm and farm shop
- Ingelsrud patisserie (Kongsvinger and Magnor)
- Palace Café

Private sales by appointment

Heinrich Jung griseproduksjon
Eidskog Vilt Ketil G

Heinrich Jungs gård
Østmofeltet 184
2266, Arneberg
Tlf:+47 95 93 31 93


Jung is a pioneer in organic food production in Norway. This is clearly evident if you take the trip. Here, the pigs roam the meadows, with free access to food and shelter, and they can dig in the soil, find roots to eat and roll in the dust. In addition to raising pigs, Heinrich grows organic cauliflower and carrots.

Jung's vision is to bring people closer to food produced with a holistic perspective on ecology. Animals should be able to live at their own pace in their natural environment. The meat this produces is clean, good for the environment and tastes better.

We are proud of the organic meat we produce. It's guaranteed to be high quality, and you'll recognise it as soon as you take the meat out of the packaging. It should smell good and the colour should be natural and fresh.

His pigs are only given medicine when they are sick and are allowed to live freely in their natural environment. They live a stress-free life, and the food they eat is organic and made from grains that are naturally native to Norway.

Jung's guarantee is that when you eat meat from heinrichjung, you know you're eating a clean part of a sustainable ecosystem, no more and no less. His animal welfare is certified for the animal welfare label.

Eidskog vilt
Grønnerud Farm- Hesbølvegen 191
2235, Matrand
Tlf: +47 951 19 979
E-mail: post@eidskogvilt.no


Eidskog Vilt is an EFTA-approved slaughterhouse and they control the raw materials from the forest directly to your table. They do not use any artificial additives and you get quality food from healthy and healthy animals that are inspected by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority during production. All slaughtering and production takes place under strict hygiene requirements and they have their own well-functioning internal control and HACCP system for safe food. This is your guarantee of safety from Eidskog Vilt and high quality end products.

The game they slaughter and cut down is deer from Grønnerud farm and other deer farmers, game from game boards and wildlife groups in the district. In addition, they buy moose, deer, roe deer and wild boar from local hunters on occasion. All the game they get is processed into roasts, fillets, steaks, minced meat and other products. All from the surrounding district and the deep forests in which Grønnerud Gård is located, which is in line with providing locally sourced food.

Silpo Maja Strand


Løvhøidvegen 58
2224 Austmarka
E-mail: post@minimaki.no

Tlf. +47 45670969

Siblings Maja Elise and Olav Sondre Strand have restored the old grocery store at Øyermoen, and are focusing on accommodation in cabins and floating tents, rental of function rooms and production of traditional Norwegian forest Finnish dishes:

Silppo is a traditional Finnish dish consisting of potatoes, pork, milk and onions, served with homemade lingonberry jam picked in Finnskogen. Silppo is a very hearty dish, typical of hard-working people.

They also make the more famous motti and pork, which consists of skrädmjöl, pork, lingonberries and pork fat.

They are proud forest Finns who contribute to the preservation of the exciting cultural heritage of the Finnskogen forest.


Industriveien 65

2260 Kirkenær

E-mail: andreasbakken@me.com
Tlf. (+47) 913 88 093


There are few things as popular as Norwegian strawberries. Nothing is more descriptive of the Norwegian summer and little can match the flavour of sweet Norwegian strawberries. Grøntkollektivet extends the strawberry season by growing strawberries in tunnels, and from May to October you can buy Norwegian, local strawberries!

They deliver to local restaurants, directly to Kirkenær and through selected Meny stores.

“ Uten mat og drikke duger helten ikke! ”
- Norsk ordtak

"Matfylket Innlandet" is an initiative to focus on local food in Innlandet.

We want to bring together agriculture, tourism and food production to build a strong food region together. With Innlandet as Norway's largest agricultural county and with many holiday homes and a lot of tourism, we have a responsibility when it comes to sustainability and becoming more self-sufficient in food.

Through several meetings and processes, we have identified two key focus areas that are needed to make Innlandet a leading food region:

1) We must strengthen recruitment to the restaurant and food professions

2) We need to get more of the food we produce in Inland Norway on the table in the public and private sectors. Each point requires focus and work so that we can succeed in creating a comprehensive food region.

We are fortunate to have so many passionate professionals who are passionate about what they do, and we want to highlight these professionals and their businesses. With this kind of collaboration, we can strengthen each other across geography, agencies and industries.

Co-operation is the key to building Innlandet as a food region.

Enjoy your meal!

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Visste du at Hans Børli ble født på denne dagen for 105 år siden?💚«Det eneste gode jeg har å si om disse forbannede vinterkveldene, er stjernehimmelen.» Hans Børli.🌲Dikteren Hans Børli (1918–1989) levde hele sitt liv i Eidskog kommune. Han vokste opp under små kår inne på Fjeldskogen. Han ble tidlig glad i bøker og utmerket seg på skolen. Forsøk på videre utdanning ble stoppet av krigen. I krigsårene vikarierte han som skolelærer på sitt hjemsted, arbeidet i skogen og fungerte samtidig som grenselos for flyktninger til Sverige. Da freden kom, stiftet Hans Børli familie og flyttet til Tobøl. Skogen ble hans fremtidige arbeidsplass, som tømmerhogger.Hans Børlis er ofte blitt karakterisert som «Skogens dikter», en betegnelse han selv både likte og mislikte. Utgangspunktet var skogen. Den kjente han bedre enn noen. Trolsk natur, drømmer, blodslit, sorg og glede. I sin kamp med ordene førte han oss inn i politikk, til fremmede kulturer og ble i økende grad opptatt av eksistensielle problemer som ensomhet, krig, fangenskap, angst, tro, tvil og død.Børlis litterære produksjon strekker seg over tidsrommet 1933–1988, fra han debuterte i Kongsvinger Arbeiderblad med skolestilen «I snestorm og kulde» til hans siste, retrospektive verk, «Med øks og lyre». I alt ble det 22 diktsamlinger og seks prosabøker. En diktsamling, en roman og en aforismebok, «Tankestreif», er utgitt posthumt. Hans Børli skrev forøvrig et par uhøytidelige skuespill og bidro med fortellinger, dikt og noveller i flere aviser og ukeblad. Dessuten var han en flittig brevskriver.Hans Børli er oversatt til flere språk, blant annet tjekkisk, russisk, tysk og spansk, og han mottok en rekke litterære priser. @hansborli_tyrielden @Oppistuen #hansbørli #skogensdikter #skog #eidskog #oppistuen #kongsvingermuseum #anno #norgesgrønnehjerte #visitnorway
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💚Minimäki har den perfekte julegaven i år: gi et opphold på Rimbila - hytta med ekte Finnskogidyll! @minimaki_thisisfinnskogenMed sovesofa fra kvalitetsleverandøren Hovden, dunputer og -dyner så sover du godt, med kun skogens lyder som vekkerklokke. Bålplass, veranda med utemøbler, lysekrone med batterilys, vedovn, ved inkludert og sjøen like ved bidrar til et fantastisk opphold🫶 Her har gjestene observert elg, rådyr, rev, mange fuglearter og til og med ulv🫎 I slutten av mars og i perioden tiruleiken varer, så kan du våkne til vakre toner fra tiuren som lokker på røya. I bærsesongen kan du plukke multe, tyttebær, blåbær og så videre🫐 Sopp bugner det også av. Ellers er turløyper tilgjengelig fra hyttedøra, eller sett på deg turskoene og bare vandre dit beina tar deg🥾 Opplev noe så sjeldent som en gammel lerkeskog som gir en trolsk følelse. Padle kano eller ro båt rundt idylliske Øiersjøen🛶 På vinteren kan du spenne på deg skøytene og gli forbi barskog, dyr- og fugleliv🦉 Øiersjøen er fiskerik, her kan du fiske abbor, gjedde og mort året rundt🐟 Kokkeler på gassplate eller vedovn. Du kan også bestille spekemat med kortreiste ingredienser fra området, eller skogfinsk tradisjonsmat laget fra bunnen av🥔 Opplev et autentisk finnetorp, med blant annet skogfinsk badstu, bryggerhus og smie. Du inviteres også inn i museum på stabburet, der du kan se gjenstander fra 1700-tallet og oppover🧺 Minimäki er alltid behjelpelige med spørsmål og tilrettelegging for at du skal ha et uforglemmelig opphold. Dusj og strøm kan benyttes i felleshus på Øiermoen, kun 5 minutter med bil unna Rimbila🚿 Dette er ei tilgjengelig alenehytte midt i magiske Finnskogen💚 Hjertelig velkommen til Rimbila🌲 @minimaki_thisisfinnskogen#finnskogen #minimäki #julegave #norgesgrønnehjerte #visitnorway
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Nysgjerrig på Finnskogen?💚 Velkommen til Nasjonalbiblioteket i Oslo 21. november kl. 17!🌲 Det avsidesliggende skogsområdet øst for Glomma – Finnskogen – er et myteomspunnet sted med en rik historie. Vi inviterer til en kveld viet til skogen og folket som på 1600-tallet bosatte seg i området, og kulturen som fortsatt lever i dag. 🌿 Denne kvelden kommer komponisten og sangeren Sinikka Langeland, som er avbildet sammen med elgen. Hennes instrument er det finske nasjonalinstrumentet kantele, og gjennom forskning, gjendiktning og formidling har hun satt den skogfinske kulturen på kartet. Sammen med noen av landets fremste musikere skal hun fremføre det prisvinnende og storslåtte verket «Sauna Cathedral». 🌲 Vi får også høre foredrag av Adelheid Seyfarth om livet og forfatterskapet til Åsta Holth, som brukte kunstnerskapet sitt til å fremme skogfinsk kultur. 🌿 Podkaster Miriam Aurora Hammeren Pedersen, forfatter Kine Jeanette Solberg og direktør for Norsk Skogfinsk Museum Dag Raaberg kommer til å snakke om fornorskningen skogfinnene ble utsatt for. Samtalen ledes av musikkjournalist og Finnskogen-entusiast Martin Bjørnersen. 🌲 Den tradisjonsrike retten silppu blir servert av Minimäki. 🌿 Arrangementet er helt gratis, og du kan melde deg på her: https://pameldinger.no/e/wizgcm #norskskogfinskmuseum #minimäki #finnskogen #norgesgrønnehjerte #nasjonalbiblioteketoslo @nasjonalbiblioteket @norskskogfinskmuseum @minimäki 📸 Foto: Sinikka Langeland fotografert av Oddleiv Apneseth.